Where is my tax refund?

Question: Where is my tax refund?

Answer: You can the IRS Tax Refund status and State Tax Refund status online or by calling the IRS or State tax agencies.

To check IRS Tax Refund status, go to IRS Where’s My Refund and enter your Social Security Number, Filing Status and your expected refund amount.  The information can be found on your tax return (Form 1040).  You can also call IRS hotline at 1-800-829-1040 to find out your IRS Tax Refund status.

For State Tax Refund status, each tax agencies have their own online tools and telephone access to check the tax refund status.  IRS will not know your state tax refund status.  Conversely, the State will not know your IRS tax refund status.

For Individual states, please go to CheckTaxRefund.com to check your local State Tax Refund status.

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