How much is the Stimulus Check?

Answer: Currently, there have been two stimulus checks that were issued to taxpayers. Additional 3rd Stimulus check is in the process of being pass into law as we speak.

The Stimulus Check were issued by the passage of the Cares Act (Corona Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) that went into law on March 27, 2020. It provided extra $600 weekly in unemployment benefits, PPP/SBA loans to businesses and stimulus checks to eligible taxpayers.

The 1st Stimulus check was $1200 for every adult and $600 for each dependent. (Around March 2020)

The 2nd Stimulus check was for $600 for every adult and dependent. (Around December 2020)

The 3rd Stimulus check (under proposal) is for $1400 for every adult and dependent. (Expected around April 2021)

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